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  • DR Panel Protective case & Stand-off Kit

    $750.00 excluding GST
    The DR panel protective case & stand-off kit has been designed to protect your X-ray DR Panel out on the field. The stand-off arm can be used to distance the operator from the initial X-ray beam & animal where possible. This protective case fits a…
  • DR Protective Tunnel

    $520.00 excluding GST
    The ATX DR Protective Tunnel is a protector that can be used to perform x-ray studies of equine extremities eliminating potential damage that can occur. This unit is  constructed to protect a 35x43cm (14x17inch) DR or CR panel. It has 6 rubber feet to ensure…
  • Science Wipes

    $13.80 excluding GST
    Science Wipes: Delicate Task. Box of 280 wipes.
  • ATX CR Plate Cleaner Kit

    $55.00 excluding GST
    ATX CR Plate Cleaner Kit: 1 x 250ml bottle ATX CR Screen Cleaner 1 x Air Bulb Brush 1 x ATX Equipment Wipes (75 pack)  
  • Air Bulb Brush 2

    $5.00 excluding GST
    Air Bulb Brush. Ideal for removing dust on object in macro photography. High-quality rubber. Great way to remove dust off sensitive camera parts without physical contact.
  • ATX CR Plate Cleaner

    $38.65 excluding GST
    ATX CR Plate Cleaner, is easy to use;  Plate Cleaning Solution 250mls per bottle. CR X-ray Plates are highly sensitive and requires regular cleaning. We recommended cleaning your plate every 200 scans, or every 30 days (depending of your work environment). 
  • X-ray Plate Disposable Large Plastic Covers (Pack of 25)

    $17.50 excluding GST
    X-ray Plate Protector. Large Plastic Covers, sold per pack of 25 bags.
  • X-ray Plate Disposable Small Plastic Covers (Pack of 25) 2

    $12.50 excluding GST
    X-ray Plate Protector. Small Plastic Covers, sold per pack of 25 bags.