ATX HF50 Mobile X-ray

  • max output power 2.8, 5.0 kW
  • max  kiloVolt –  100 – 120kV
  • max milliAmperes – 40 – 100mA
  • max milliAmpere seconds – 200mAs
  • PDA Interface for easy control and flexible and expansive cm thickness anatomical presets.
  • Remote diagnostic and support capable and provided by ATX.
  • Innovation designed light-weight, High frequency portable x-ray.
  • High Performance HF-Series Portable X-ray system.
  • Provides high resolution imaging at lower dosages.
  • Durable design with solid body.
  • Calibrated cassette size indicator dials
  • Dual Integrated Laser Pointer.
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Additional Information

Power Rating

2.8kW, 5.0kW


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