Spee-D-Wing Skin Markers – Radiopaque Nipple Markers

Spee-D-Wing Skin Markers – Radiopaque Nipple Markers – 100 PER BOX

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Increase patient satisfaction by eliminating repeat mammography examinations with PDC Healthcare Spee-D-Mark™ Nipple Markers.  Spee-D-Mark™ Nipple Markers clearly and accurately communicate nipple positioning to the radiologist while ensuring proper positioning so the greatest amount of breast tissue is captured.  Our dual density, NO BURNOUT™ patented design is ideal for MLO views and dense breasts.  

ATX offers an extensive variety of economic nipple marker shapes and sizes, designed to work in both analog and digital applications. Nipple Markers include: Circle, Wings, Strips, Super-stretchy, Repositionable, and Super-sticky:

  • Spee-D-Wing™ Nipple Markers, which provide added support for larger, more prominent nipples. 
  • Super-sticky Spee-D-Mark™ Nipple Markers and Super-sticky Spee-D-Wing™ Nipple Markers were designed to adhere to patients with more difficult skin types. 
  • Flexible Spee-D-Stretch™ and Spee-D-Stretch™ Repositionable Nipple Markers are made from super-stretchy materials to ensure precise and easy placement for larger, more prominent nipples. 

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1.50mm, 2.00mm, 2.50mm, 3.00mm


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