Veterinary Mobile Dental X-Ray Solution

The ATX VETERINARY MOBILE DENTAL X-RAY SOLUTION is the perfect choice for in-practice and in-field x-raying as it is easily transportable, lightweight, handheld, requires low patient dose and has internal shielding. This package comes with Owandy Opteo HD DR Digital detector that captures High-quality images with minimal “noise”

Lead time: Subject to stock availability, transit times and radiation licensing. Estimated shipping date to be provided once the purchase is confirmed


The Veterinary Dental Mobile X-ray Solution is comprised of:

  • REMEX handheld X-ray generator View here
  • Owandy Opteo HD DR Digital detector (USB) View here
  • Initial 1 year warranty & unlimited remote support
  • Compliance testing as per local radiation health regulations.

Added benefits:

  • Lead gown start up package (1 lead gown, 1 thyroid collar, 1 pair of vet mitts)


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