About ATX Veterinary SolutionsATX Veterinary Solutions

About ATX Veterinary Solutions

ATX Veterinary Solutions is a specialist supplier of quality market leading radiographic imaging equipment and consumables to the Australian, New Zealand and South East Asian market.

The key words in our strategy are, to be a reliable, service-minded and flexible supplier working in close co-operation with our distributors and customers.

Initially established in Western Australia in 1987 ATX proudly boasts a long history of supporting the radiographic market with the highest standards of service that is the envy of our competitors.

Today customers can access ATX products through our on line webshop or through conventional phone, fax and email.

MAKING IT EASIER FOR YOU TO DO BUSINESS WITH ATX Keeping your equipment in good working order is essential for safety and reliability.

At ATX we continually keep our service engineers trained with the latest technology by sending them overseas for training on a regular basis.

Breakdowns can be very frustrating and costly. Our service department will continue to treat every breakdown as a matter of urgency.

ATX Capability Statement

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