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  • Barium Paste 20ml

    $15.00 excluding GST
    Barium Sulphate, radiopaque paste that provides excellent radiographic visualization of the true hoof wall. The tube contains 20mls of paste. The paste appears as an opaque (white line) on the image, when applied in a continuous bead from the coronary band to the ground surface.…
  • ID Markers, L & R Lead Letter with 2 initials Mounted

    $15.00 excluding GST
  • ID Markers, L Mounted Lead Letter 10mm

    $5.00 excluding GST
    L Mounted Lead Letter (9mm)
  • ID Markers, R Mounted Lead Letter 9mm

    $5.00 excluding GST
    "R" Mounted 9mm lead letter .
  • R Metal Stencil 20mm

    $30.00 excluding GST
  • ID Marker or Stencil, Custom Marker

    Custom Lead Marker - made on request