Barium Paste 20ml

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Barium Sulphate, radiopaque paste that provides excellent radiographic visualization of the true hoof wall. The tube contains 20mls of paste. The paste appears as an opaque (white line) on the image, when applied in a continuous bead from the coronary band to the ground surface. Due to the very thin depth of horn at the most proximal crown of the hoof wall the actual horn margin is rarely visible on even the softest penetrating views.

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Utilised for equine radiographic diagnosis for the detection and treatment of various conditions including laminitis.  Ready to use 20ml Barium syringe to contrast the anterior hoof wall.

Running a 2mm bead of ATX Barium paste directly from the syringe supplied over the dorsal median hoof wall extending from the coronary band to the tip of the toe allows for accurate identification of the wall border, toe length and estimation of multiple angles of the dorsal hoof wall.

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