Positioning Aids

(Foams & sandbags)

Radiation Protection

(PPE, lead glass, mobile shields)

Infection Control

(Room disinfectant, hand sanitiser, gloves)

X-Ray Markers

(Lead letters, scaling tools)


(Ingestible, intravenous)

Ultrasound Gel

(Heavy, medium)

Film & Chemical

(Film, developer & fixer)

CR and DR Accessories

(Cleaning, maintenance, protection)

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  • × Tooth Forcep #33

    $99.00 excluding GST
  • 1 Bay ATX LED Viewing Box

    $450.00 excluding GST
  • 15ml Surface spray disinfectant

    $20.00 excluding GST
    15ml Spray bottle for personal space surface disinfectant. Ethanol 100% Undenatured (Ethyl Alcohol 100%)
  • 1L Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser

    $110.00 excluding GST
    Auto Hand Dispenser Infrared Automatic Sensor (Non-contact) Wall mounted Lockable 1000ml Refillable Bottle. Battery Operated (4 x C Cell batteries not included). DC Adapter Option (Adapter Not Included).
  • 2 Bay ATX LED Viewing Box

    $550.00 excluding GST
  • 3 Bay ATX LED Viewing Box

    $750.00 excluding GST
  • 4 Bay ATX LED Viewing Box

    $1,250.00 excluding GST
  • Actichlor Plus Bottles

    Actichlor dilution bottle. To make desired concentrations simply add water to required no of tablets to make a virucidal solution that cleans and disinfects hard surfaces in one step. Effective against Viruses, Bacteria, Spores, Yeasts and Moulds. See Dilution Posters for concentrations. Training CD disc available. Call for details.…
  • Adjustable Mobile Shield *

  • All-Bite

    $34.00 excluding GST
  • Apixia EXL PSP Scanner

    $14,000.00 excluding GST
    The EXL® PSP Scanner packs tremendous imaging power into a small package. Tiny enough to fit into the most crowded work stations, yet robust enough to be placed in a central location for use by the entire clinic, the EXL® PSP Scanner is the ideal…
  • AquaSonic Gel (100)

    $75.00 excluding GST
    Light Ultrasonic Gel 12 x 250ml Per carton $75.00 per Carton
  • ATX 14 x 36 Auto Film (25)


  • Barium Paste 20ml

    $15.00 excluding GST
    Barium Sulphate, radiopaque paste that provides excellent radiographic visualization of the true hoof wall. The tube contains 20mls of paste. The paste appears as an opaque (white line) on the image, when applied in a continuous bead from the coronary band to the ground surface.…
  • BEEKLEY Specimen PINNACLE (clear window)

    Specimen PINNACLE with 4 self-adhesive tabs clear observation window to protect and stabilise EACH- Box of 12