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  • Vetario Small Animals Mattress

    $50.00 excluding GST
    The ATX Vetario (Intensive Care Units) mattress, is designed to provide optimal comfort for your small animals. Made from impermeable vinyl, this mattress is resistant, durable, and effortlessly easy to clean. It ensures a comfortable resting surface for animals while maintaining a hygienic environment. Compatible…
  • Vetario Intensive Care S50

    $1,380.00 excluding GST
    Vetario S50 The S50 Intensive Care Unit is robust, reliable, easy to use and can be quickly set up for emergency cases, it is suitable for small animals such as rodents, birds, puppies and kittens, it is also large enough to accommodate a small dog…
  • Vetario Intensive Care T50M

    $2,600.00 excluding GST
    Vetario T50M Intensive Care Unit The medical (‘M’) version of the S50 has a number of additional features which makes it more flexible and better suited to veterinary applications: Oxygen compatibility: The M version is fitted with an oxygen connector and can be safely operated…