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  • Positioning Foam Circle 200x50mm

    Circle Foam: Positioning Foam circle with a 200mm diameter and 50mm deep.  (Raw or covered in Dartex or Vinyl).
  • Snake Sandbag 1.3Kg

    $55.00 excluding GST
    100cm long x 6cm wide - 1.3kg Double bagged sandbag with a hard wearing Vinyl cover.  
  • Writeable and Printable CD’s

    $26.25 excluding GST
    CDs for image storage, spindle of 100.
  • Positioning Foam Small Wedge 210x75x75mm

    Small Foam Wedge: With a triangular face at each end 75x75x10mm. (Raw or covered in Dartex or Vinyl).
  • Positioning Foam 15° Wedge 250x250x50mm

    Foam 15°  Wedge:  with a square 250x250x50mm base.      
  • Vetario Small Animals Mattress

    $50.00 excluding GST
    The ATX Vetario (Intensive Care Units) mattress, is designed to provide optimal comfort for your small animals. Made from impermeable vinyl, this mattress is resistant, durable, and effortlessly easy to clean. It ensures a comfortable resting surface for animals while maintaining a hygienic environment. Compatible…
  • Positioning Foam 90° Wedge 250x180x180mm

    Foam 90° Wedge: With a triangular face at each end 180x180x260mm.
  • Positioning Foam Long 90° Wedge 900x180x180mm

    Foam 90° wedge with a triangular face at each end 900x180x180mm.
  • Positioning Foam Thin Block 250x200x50mm

    Rectangular Foam Thin Block, 250x200mm, 50mm in depth.
  • Positioning Foam 90° Wedge 600x180x180mm

    600mm Long Foam 90° wedge with a 2 triangular faces at the ends 180x180x250mm.
  • Positioning Set of Mixed Foams (SET 1)

    Foam wedges and blocks are a key component to creating high-quality radiographs. 2x FOAM02 - Circle:                       100x50mm 2x FOAM03 - Small Wedge:           210x75x75mm 2x FOAM04 - 15° Wedge :              250x250x50mm 2x FOAM05…
  • Positioning Foam, Finger Stepped, 115x55x30mm

    $15.00 excluding GST
    Stepped Finger Sponge RAW, 115x55x30mm
  • Positioning “V” Cut Foam Block 230x240x150mm

    $32.00 excluding GST
    V Cut Foam Block RAW - 230x240x150mm.
  • Positioning Foam, Mattress custom as per drawing

    Custom Mattress as per request
  • Positioning Foam, Custom Foam Piece

    Custom Foam Piece: Ordered, as per request
  • Positioning Foam Block 200x100x100mm

    Foam block with 200x100x100mm Square faces at each end. Foam Options: Raw Covered in Dartex, Covered in Vinyl, Covered in Dartex Sealed.