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As technology advances, the veterinary industry is experiencing a transformative shift with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI’s potential to improve diagnostic accuracy and streamline veterinary practices is unparalleled, making it a game-changer in animal healthcare.


AI’s Role in Veterinary Diagnostics

Enhanced Imaging Analysis

AI-powered imaging tools are revolutionising the way veterinarians interpret diagnostic images. Machine learning algorithms can analyse X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans with exceptional precision. These systems detect subtle abnormalities that may be overlooked by the human eye, providing a higher level of diagnostic confidence.

For instance, AI can identify early signs of conditions such as hip dysplasia or tumors, allowing for timely interventions that can significantly improve an animal’s prognosis.

Predictive Analytics

Beyond imaging, AI’s predictive analytics capabilities are proving invaluable in veterinary diagnostics. By analysing vast amounts of data, including medical histories and genetic information, AI can predict the likelihood of certain diseases and conditions. This enables veterinarians to implement preventive measures, ultimately improving the quality of life for animals.

Case Study: AI in Predicting Canine Heart Disease

A notable example is the use of AI in predicting heart disease in dogs. By analysing data from thousands of cases, AI systems can identify patterns and risk factors that may indicate the onset of heart disease. This allows for early detection and management, significantly extending the life expectancy of affected dogs.


Integrating AI into Veterinary Practices

Improved Workflow Efficiency

AI streamlines various aspects of veterinary practice, from appointment scheduling to patient management. Automated systems can handle routine tasks, allowing veterinary professionals to focus on more complex and critical cases. This not only improves efficiency but also enhances the overall patient experience.

Real-Time Diagnostics

In emergencies, every second counts. AI enables real-time diagnostics, providing instant analysis and results. For example, AI-driven blood analysis tools can deliver immediate results, allowing for rapid decision-making and treatment. This is particularly crucial in critical care scenarios where timely intervention can be life-saving.

Case Study: AI in Emergency Veterinary Care

In a busy veterinary emergency room, AI systems have been used to triage cases based on severity. By quickly analysing symptoms and medical history, AI can prioritise cases that require immediate attention, ensuring that no critical patient is overlooked.


Future Prospects: AI and Personalised Veterinary Care

Tailored Treatment Plans

AI has the potential to personalise veterinary care by creating tailored treatment plans for individual animals. By considering an animal’s unique genetic, lifestyle, and medical history, AI can recommend specific treatments and interventions that are most likely to be effective.

Case Study: Personalised Oncology Treatments

In veterinary oncology, AI is being used to develop personalised treatment plans for cancer patients. By analysing genetic data and treatment responses, AI can identify the most effective therapies for each patient, improving outcomes and minimising side effects.

Enhanced Monitoring and Follow-Up

AI also plays a critical role in post-treatment monitoring. Wearable devices equipped with AI can continuously monitor an animal’s vital signs, alerting veterinarians to any changes that may indicate complications or relapse. This proactive approach ensures timely interventions and better long-term health outcomes.


Conclusion: Embracing AI for a Better Future in Veterinary Medicine

The integration of AI in veterinary diagnostics is paving the way for more accurate, efficient, and personalised animal healthcare. As these technologies continue to evolve, veterinary practices that embrace AI will be better equipped to provide exceptional care and improve the lives of their patients.

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In recent years, advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have revolutionised various industries, including healthcare. Veterinary practices, too, are embracing AI technologies to streamline workflow processes and elevate patient care to new levels.

AI: A Game-Changer for Veterinary Practices

AI technologies, such as machine learning algorithms and image recognition systems, are proving to be invaluable tools in veterinary diagnostics. Here’s how they are transforming veterinary care:

Confidence in Diagnoses

One of the significant benefits AI brings to veterinary practices is enhanced diagnostic accuracy and confidence. AI-powered systems can analyse medical images, such as X-rays and ultrasounds, with incredible precision. By quickly identifying anomalies or potential health issues, veterinarians can make more informed decisions and provide timely treatments.

Second Opinions

AI also serves as a reliable second opinion tool. Veterinary professionals can use AI algorithms to validate initial diagnoses or seek additional insights into complex cases. This ensures thoroughness in assessments and helps avoid potential oversights, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.

Fast Response Times

Time is often critical in veterinary emergencies. AI accelerates response times by swiftly processing data and generating diagnostic reports. This rapid turnaround not only improves efficiency in day-to-day operations but also enables prompt intervention when every minute counts for an animal’s well-being.


Real-Life Use Case: DeepMind’s AI for Retinal Disease Detection

A notable example of AI’s impact in healthcare is DeepMind’s AI system for detecting retinal diseases like diabetic retinopathy. This AI technology analyses retinal images with a high degree of accuracy, comparable to expert clinicians. It significantly speeds up the diagnostic process and enhances access to early intervention, thereby reducing the risk of vision loss for patients.

Accuracy Comparable to Experts: DeepMind’s AI system achieved an accuracy level of 94% in detecting diabetic retinopathy, which is on par with experienced ophthalmologists.

Clinical Impact: Trials and real-world applications have demonstrated that early detection facilitated by AI can reduce the risk of blindness due to diabetic retinopathy and other retinal diseases by up to 50%.


Introducing X Caliber: Elevating Veterinary Care with AI

We have introduced to the Australian market X Caliber, Korean AI technology already trusted by 450 veterinary hospitals in Korea, designed to revolutionise veterinary diagnostics. This innovative tool integrates seamlessly into our cloud storage system, empowering veterinary practices to:

  • Enhance Diagnostic Accuracy: X Caliber leverages AI to provide precise and detailed analyses of medical images, aiding veterinarians in making confident decisions.
  • Access Reliable Second Opinions: Our AI platform offers reliable second opinions, ensuring thorough evaluations and comprehensive care plans for every patient.
  • Achieve Faster Turnaround: With X Caliber, veterinary teams can expect rapid turnaround times for diagnostic reports, optimising workflow efficiency and patient management.


Experience the Future of Veterinary Medicine

Curious to see how AI can transform your veterinary practice? Subscribe now for a free month trial of X Caliber in our cloud storage system and explore firsthand how AI-driven diagnostics can elevate your clinic’s capabilities and enhance patient care.

  • Enhance Diagnostic Accuracy: X Caliber leverages AI to provide precise and detailed analyses of medical images, aiding veterinarians in making confident decisions.
  • Access Reliable Second Opinions: Our AI platform offers reliable second opinions, ensuring thorough evaluations and comprehensive care plans for every patient.
  • Achieve Faster Turnaround: With X Caliber, veterinary teams can expect rapid turnaround times for diagnostic reports, optimising workflow efficiency and patient management.



AI is paving the way for a new era of veterinary care, where precision, efficiency, and patient outcomes take centre stage. Embrace the power of AI with X Caliber and discover how technology can revolutionise your practice.


About SK Telecom

SK Telecom has been leading the growth of the mobile industry since 1984. Now, it is taking customer experience to new heights by extending beyond connectivity. By placing AI at the core of its business, SK Telecom is rapidly transforming into an AI company with a strong global presence. It is focusing on driving innovations in areas of AI Infrastructure, AI Transformation (AIX) and AI Service to deliver greater value for industry, society, and life.

About ATX Solutions

ATX is a leading provider of innovative technological solutions, serving diverse sectors across Australia and New Zealand. From CT scanning systems optimised for equine care to developing the world’s first large format DR panel for orthopaedists, ATX offers a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet the unique needs of the medical, veterinary, and industrial industries.

For more information, please contact or call us on 08 9331 4733 / 1800 330 118.

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CR to DR Trade In Program

Our program ensures a seamless transition from CR systems to our Venu 1717XV or ULTRA-140V detectors package, with up to $3500 credit available for any CR systems.

ATX offers a complete upgrade program featuring our panel options package integrated with iTX Cloud PACS, eliminating third-party hardware and software for a simplified transition process.

Venu IRay Tethered DR Plate

Venu IRay Tethered DR Plate

The ULTRA-140V, a cassette-sized, next-gen flat panel DR detector, captures exceptional images with high DQE and resolution. Includes a Lenovo ThinkCentre All-in-One Computer.

Ultra 140-V DR Detector Package

Ultra 140-V DR Detector Package

The Venu 1717XV is an innovative a-Si Portable Detector for veterinary radiography, featuring a 139 µm pixel pitch, CsI scintillator, and 16-bit AID conversion for excellent image quality.

Why is Upgrading to DR the Best Option?

  • Efficiency: Streamlines workflow by eliminating physical plates and separate processing equipment.
  • Speed: Provides immediate image acquisition, reducing the time required for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Image Quality: Offers higher resolution images with better contrast and detail.
  • Lower Radiation Dose: Requires lower doses of radiation to produce high-quality images.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Long-term savings in time, maintenance, and consumables can be significant.
  • Enhanced Patient Comfort: Requires shorter examination times and produce images quickly.
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Day 1: ATX at the AVA Conference!

ATX at the AVA Conference showcasing our X-ray and ultrasound equipment and systems

Yesterday marked the kickoff of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) Conference, and we were thrilled to be part of this exciting event! As leaders in veterinary technology, ATX Solutions showcased our latest innovations at booth #167.

Attendees had the opportunity to witness live demonstrations of the revolutionary X Caliber AI diagnostic assistant, which is transforming the way veterinarians diagnose companion animals. But that’s not all! We also showcased the benefits of our own developed iTX Cloud PACS, Australia’s only veterinary cloud PACS service.

What makes iTX Cloud PACS stand out?
– Multi-user access to securely stored central images, blood test results, and patient details.
– Customized tools and annotations for faster diagnosis.
– DICOM Services: Receive, Query/Retrieve, Storage commit, and multimodality work list.
– Daily health checkup and user technical support.

And here’s the best part: iTX Cloud PACS features X Caliber, SKT’s AI-based vet X-ray diagnosis assistant, seamlessly integrated into the platform. X Caliber utilizes AI technology to diagnose musculoskeletal, thoracic, and abdominal X-ray images of companion animals rapidly and accurately. With over 47 diseases diagnosed rapidly with 90% accuracy, X Caliber is revolutionizing veterinary diagnostics.

Thank you to everyone who visited us at booth #167! We’re grateful for the opportunity to showcase how SKT and ATX Solutions are empowering veterinarians to provide top care to their patients.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the AVA Conference. We can’t wait to share more with you!

ATX Partners With SK Telecom to Introduce AI- Powered Veterinary Aid to the Australian Market

ATX signs partnership with SK Telecom

On February 13, SK Telecom signed a commercial agreement with ATX Medical Solutions, Australia’s largest medical device distributor, to distribute X Caliber, a veterinary diagnostic assistant, in Australia.

ATX announced on February 13 that it has signed a commercial agreement with SK Telecom (SKT), South Korean wireless telecommunications operator, to distribute X Caliber, Korea’s first AI-based veterinary X-ray image diagnosis assistance service, across Australia.

This technology aim to transform veterinary care across Australia, offering rapid, detailed and more effective diagnostics and tailored treatment plans for veterinary practices nationwide.

‘X Caliber’ is a web-based service that uses AI to analyse X-ray images of small animals taken by a veterinarian and uploaded to the AI platform ‘X Caliber Vet AI’, and delivers the analysis results back to the veterinarian within 30 seconds.

Since X Caliber uses cloud to store and retrieve data, there is no need to install a separate server within the hospital. In addition, as a web-based service, X Caliber can be easily upgraded and managed. Veterinarians can examine the results of the AI-based image diagnosis on their mobile devices or PCs anywhere, anytime.

ATX will integrate X Caliber into its cloud software, ITX PACS, a cloud based storage facility that allows to access, store, manipulate and share X-ray data with other computers on the network.

ATX reduces the costs and risks involved with storing these studies and offers a diverse range of tools that have been developed to improve diagnosis and offer effective measurement options for veterinarians to use. Learn more about the ITX Pacs, visit our website:

The disease detection rate of the SK Telecom X Caliber stands at 84-86%.* It also showed 97% accuracy in measuring VHS (Vertebral Heart Scale).

  • 84% for detection of 10 different abnormal patterns from chest X-ray images of dogs
  • 86% for detection of 7 different abnormalities from musculoskeletal X-ray images of dogs


The agreement comes less than 100 days after the two companies signed a strategic partnership to utilise X Caliber in November last year.

ATX and SK Telecom Partner for AI-Powered Veterinary Services in Australia

ATX Partners with SKT
Image Credit: SK Telecom

In a pioneering move, ATX has partnered with SK Telecom (SKT), and AI company that brings benefits to customers through technology and service innovation. This collaboration is set to transform the veterinary care sector in Australia through the introduction of X Caliber, an innovative AI-powered Veterinary Service.


ATX holds a significant presence in the Australian veterinary scene, with access to about 25% of the market. This considerable market presence places ATX as a key leader, strategically positioned to drive the introduce innovative solutions like X Caliber across a big portion of the veterinary community. Roger Davis, Director of ATX


ATX specialises not only in the distribution of high-quality radiographic imaging solutions, equipment, consumables and technical support, but also operates its own cloud software tailored for veterinary services.


Why X Caliber?

The radiographic imaging market in Australia has been witnessing continuous advancements in technology. Digital radiography (DR) and computed radiography (CR) systems have gained prominence, offering improved image quality, faster processing, and enhanced diagnostic capabilities.

The demand for diagnostic imaging services, including radiography, has been on the rise in Australia and the ‘X Caliber’ stands between cutting-edge technology and healthcare, offering a revolutionary approach to diagnosis through artificial intelligence. X Caliber is highly utilised for measuring the heart size. It garnered positive response from veterinarians by offering highly accurate measurements within a short period of time.


X Caliber expanded its coverage to cats. By analyzing X-ray images of cats, it offers diagnosis for five chest conditions and seven abdominal conditions within 15 seconds. For dogs, the service currently covers seven musculoskeletal conditions, ten chest conditions and 16 abdominal conditions. It also automatically measures the heart size for both dogs and cats. Ha Min-yong, Chief Development Officer of SKT


With the introduction of this collaboration between ATX and SK Telecom, we aim to respond to the changing needs within Australian veterinary practices.

Image Integrity in Veterinary Practice: Insights from Vet Expo 2023


Roger Davis, Director of ATX Medical solutions speech at VET Expo 2023


Our director, Roger Davis, led a discussion on “The Advances and Importance of Image Integrity” at the 2023 Vet Expo. In a tech-driven world, Roger emphasized the significance of quality and assurance in veterinary diagnostics.


The Key Role of Image Integrity

During his speech, Roger emphasized that image integrity is paramount for several essential reasons, including accurate diagnosis, patient safety, legal and ethical implications, continuity of care, quality assurance, and credibility, among others. Maintaining the integrity of diagnostic images is of utmost importance because these images serve as a foundation for clinical decision-making. Accuracy is vital for reaching the right diagnosis, which in turn impacts patient safety and the efficacy of treatment plans.

Furthermore, Roger highlighted the critical legal and ethical implications tied to image integrity. He underscored that falsified or manipulated images could result in misdiagnoses, potentially causing harm to patients. This emphasizes the paramount importance of healthcare providers upholding the highest standards of image integrity to meet their legal and ethical obligations.


Challenges in Image Integrity

In today’s digital age, we are undergoing a revolution in the way we capture and process images. Roger addressed the question of what this digitization revolution means for imaging and why it is a topic that deserves careful consideration.

“Analog was an honest technology – what you see and hear is a true representation of reality.” In contrast, the digital realm offers unprecedented possibilities for image manipulation. While these capabilities can be harnessed for positive purposes, they also introduce a challenge to image integrity.

Digital images can be altered, enhancing or diminishing certain features, or even entirely fabricating visual data. This poses a significant threat to the reliability of diagnostic images, potentially leading to misdiagnosis and endangering patient safety.


A Call for Vigilance and Best Practices

In conclusion, Roger Davis encouraged the audience to be vigilant in upholding image integrity in the age of digital transformation. He stressed the importance of implementing best practices to ensure the authenticity, accuracy, and reliability of diagnostic images.

The discussion at Vet Expo 2023 underscored the crucial role that image integrity plays in veterinary practice and the broader field of healthcare. As technology continues to evolve, it is imperative that practitioners and institutions remain committed to upholding the highest standards of image integrity to provide accurate diagnoses and maintain patient safety and trust.


ATX Medical Solutions: Your Partner for Safe and Quality Tech

At ATX Medical Solutions, we’re all about delivering technology you can trust. We’re committed to your safety and providing top-notch quality. We’re here to make your job easier and your patients’ lives better. Our presence at Vet Expo 2023 shows that we’re with you every step of the way, creating tech you can rely on.


*Roger Davis: Director at Prolotus Australia, Prolotus Technologies & ATX Medical Solutions, ATX Imaging

ATX Participated In The VET Expo 2023 And Introduced An Exclusive Partnership!

ATX solutions and CHISON team in Vet Expo 2023


Last week, our team participated in VET Expo 2023, an important event in the world of veterinary and animal medicine. Our director, Roger Davis, led our team in showcasing our latest offerings, alongside our esteemed partner and supplier, CHISON. The event was particularly special for us as it marked the exclusive launch of CHISON’s cutting-edge ultrasound system, and we were proud to be the ones to unveil it to the world.


CHISON: A Valued Partner and Supplier

One of the highlights of our participation at Vet Expo 2023 was our partnership with CHISON Medical Technologies Co., a world’s leading diagnostic ultrasound manufacturer. CHISON unveiled their ultrasound system at the event, and we were chosen as the exclusive distributor for this product. This collaboration not only underscores our commitment to advancing veterinary healthcare but also strengthens our position in the industry.

We believe that this partnership and our collective dedication to innovation will contribute significantly to the betterment of animal healthcare.




Leaders In The Market

Our participation at Vet Expo 2023 was a resounding success. Visitors to our booth eagerly requested more information about our ultrasounds, X-Ray and dental portfolio, demonstrating a clear demand for advanced solutions in the veterinary field. This interest reinforces our commitment to delivering the best products and services to our valued customers.


Difference Between our Premium & Economy Vet X-ray Tables..

If you’re in the market for a veterinary x-ray table solution we understand you may have more than a few questions? In this article we will address some initial queries and hope to point you in the right direction.

Often our customers come to us with an idea of what they would like, it is our speciality to provide them with a few solutions that ticks most if not all their deciding factors.

Below are two customer types with vastly different needs, here we provide insight into which options we believe will best suit these customers.

Our first customer type is the veterinary practice that has room for a dedicated x-ray vet table and would like a premium option that will last for more than 10-15 years without a single issue. This practice would typically perform more than 2 x-ray studies per day and needs a veterinary x-ray system to perform day in and day out.

If there is sufficient room in the customers planned budget, we would typically recommend our American/Canadian built AV Choice Veterinary Table. This is a 4 way floating table top, with 40kw Generator & built in Toshiba x-ray tube.

Torenbeek Vet Clinic | Rockhampton, QLD

Our second customer preference utilises available space to convert an existing consult room into a multi-use x-ray room.

The ATX Multi-purpose X-ray System includes a mobile X-ray table, mobile portable generator stand & portable X-ray generator. This system is used across many smaller or remote practices that need the added benefit of portable x-ray equipment.

As always, we supply our market leading ATX Ultra-140V DR Panel with both system as an entire solution for digital x-ray imaging. You may find more about this product via clicking the image below.

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