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ATX Partners With SK Telecom to Introduce AI- Powered Veterinary Aid to the Australian Market

ATX signs partnership with SK Telecom

On February 13, SK Telecom signed a commercial agreement with ATX Medical Solutions, Australia’s largest medical device distributor, to distribute X Caliber, a veterinary diagnostic assistant, in Australia.

ATX announced on February 13 that it has signed a commercial agreement with SK Telecom (SKT), South Korean wireless telecommunications operator, to distribute X Caliber, Korea’s first AI-based veterinary X-ray image diagnosis assistance service, across Australia.

This technology aim to transform veterinary care across Australia, offering rapid, detailed and more effective diagnostics and tailored treatment plans for veterinary practices nationwide.

‘X Caliber’ is a web-based service that uses AI to analyse X-ray images of small animals taken by a veterinarian and uploaded to the AI platform ‘X Caliber Vet AI’, and delivers the analysis results back to the veterinarian within 30 seconds.

Since X Caliber uses cloud to store and retrieve data, there is no need to install a separate server within the hospital. In addition, as a web-based service, X Caliber can be easily upgraded and managed. Veterinarians can examine the results of the AI-based image diagnosis on their mobile devices or PCs anywhere, anytime.

ATX will integrate X Caliber into its cloud software, ITX PACS, a cloud based storage facility that allows to access, store, manipulate and share X-ray data with other computers on the network.

ATX reduces the costs and risks involved with storing these studies and offers a diverse range of tools that have been developed to improve diagnosis and offer effective measurement options for veterinarians to use. Learn more about the ITX Pacs, visit our website:

The disease detection rate of the SK Telecom X Caliber stands at 84-86%.* It also showed 97% accuracy in measuring VHS (Vertebral Heart Scale).

  • 84% for detection of 10 different abnormal patterns from chest X-ray images of dogs
  • 86% for detection of 7 different abnormalities from musculoskeletal X-ray images of dogs


The agreement comes less than 100 days after the two companies signed a strategic partnership to utilise X Caliber in November last year.

ATX and SK Telecom Partner for AI-Powered Veterinary Services in Australia

ATX Partners with SKT
Image Credit: SK Telecom

In a pioneering move, ATX has partnered with SK Telecom (SKT), and AI company that brings benefits to customers through technology and service innovation. This collaboration is set to transform the veterinary care sector in Australia through the introduction of X Caliber, an innovative AI-powered Veterinary Service.


ATX holds a significant presence in the Australian veterinary scene, with access to about 25% of the market. This considerable market presence places ATX as a key leader, strategically positioned to drive the introduce innovative solutions like X Caliber across a big portion of the veterinary community. Roger Davis, Director of ATX


ATX specialises not only in the distribution of high-quality radiographic imaging solutions, equipment, consumables and technical support, but also operates its own cloud software tailored for veterinary services.


Why X Caliber?

The radiographic imaging market in Australia has been witnessing continuous advancements in technology. Digital radiography (DR) and computed radiography (CR) systems have gained prominence, offering improved image quality, faster processing, and enhanced diagnostic capabilities.

The demand for diagnostic imaging services, including radiography, has been on the rise in Australia and the ‘X Caliber’ stands between cutting-edge technology and healthcare, offering a revolutionary approach to diagnosis through artificial intelligence. X Caliber is highly utilised for measuring the heart size. It garnered positive response from veterinarians by offering highly accurate measurements within a short period of time.


X Caliber expanded its coverage to cats. By analyzing X-ray images of cats, it offers diagnosis for five chest conditions and seven abdominal conditions within 15 seconds. For dogs, the service currently covers seven musculoskeletal conditions, ten chest conditions and 16 abdominal conditions. It also automatically measures the heart size for both dogs and cats. Ha Min-yong, Chief Development Officer of SKT


With the introduction of this collaboration between ATX and SK Telecom, we aim to respond to the changing needs within Australian veterinary practices.

Image Integrity in Veterinary Practice: Insights from Vet Expo 2023


Roger Davis, Director of ATX Medical solutions speech at VET Expo 2023


Our director, Roger Davis, led a discussion on “The Advances and Importance of Image Integrity” at the 2023 Vet Expo. In a tech-driven world, Roger emphasized the significance of quality and assurance in veterinary diagnostics.


The Key Role of Image Integrity

During his speech, Roger emphasized that image integrity is paramount for several essential reasons, including accurate diagnosis, patient safety, legal and ethical implications, continuity of care, quality assurance, and credibility, among others. Maintaining the integrity of diagnostic images is of utmost importance because these images serve as a foundation for clinical decision-making. Accuracy is vital for reaching the right diagnosis, which in turn impacts patient safety and the efficacy of treatment plans.

Furthermore, Roger highlighted the critical legal and ethical implications tied to image integrity. He underscored that falsified or manipulated images could result in misdiagnoses, potentially causing harm to patients. This emphasizes the paramount importance of healthcare providers upholding the highest standards of image integrity to meet their legal and ethical obligations.


Challenges in Image Integrity

In today’s digital age, we are undergoing a revolution in the way we capture and process images. Roger addressed the question of what this digitization revolution means for imaging and why it is a topic that deserves careful consideration.

“Analog was an honest technology – what you see and hear is a true representation of reality.” In contrast, the digital realm offers unprecedented possibilities for image manipulation. While these capabilities can be harnessed for positive purposes, they also introduce a challenge to image integrity.

Digital images can be altered, enhancing or diminishing certain features, or even entirely fabricating visual data. This poses a significant threat to the reliability of diagnostic images, potentially leading to misdiagnosis and endangering patient safety.


A Call for Vigilance and Best Practices

In conclusion, Roger Davis encouraged the audience to be vigilant in upholding image integrity in the age of digital transformation. He stressed the importance of implementing best practices to ensure the authenticity, accuracy, and reliability of diagnostic images.

The discussion at Vet Expo 2023 underscored the crucial role that image integrity plays in veterinary practice and the broader field of healthcare. As technology continues to evolve, it is imperative that practitioners and institutions remain committed to upholding the highest standards of image integrity to provide accurate diagnoses and maintain patient safety and trust.


ATX Medical Solutions: Your Partner for Safe and Quality Tech

At ATX Medical Solutions, we’re all about delivering technology you can trust. We’re committed to your safety and providing top-notch quality. We’re here to make your job easier and your patients’ lives better. Our presence at Vet Expo 2023 shows that we’re with you every step of the way, creating tech you can rely on.


*Roger Davis: Director at Prolotus Australia, Prolotus Technologies & ATX Medical Solutions, ATX Imaging

ATX Participated In The VET Expo 2023 And Introduced An Exclusive Partnership!

ATX solutions and CHISON team in Vet Expo 2023


Last week, our team participated in VET Expo 2023, an important event in the world of veterinary and animal medicine. Our director, Roger Davis, led our team in showcasing our latest offerings, alongside our esteemed partner and supplier, CHISON. The event was particularly special for us as it marked the exclusive launch of CHISON’s cutting-edge ultrasound system, and we were proud to be the ones to unveil it to the world.


CHISON: A Valued Partner and Supplier

One of the highlights of our participation at Vet Expo 2023 was our partnership with CHISON Medical Technologies Co., a world’s leading diagnostic ultrasound manufacturer. CHISON unveiled their ultrasound system at the event, and we were chosen as the exclusive distributor for this product. This collaboration not only underscores our commitment to advancing veterinary healthcare but also strengthens our position in the industry.

We believe that this partnership and our collective dedication to innovation will contribute significantly to the betterment of animal healthcare.




Leaders In The Market

Our participation at Vet Expo 2023 was a resounding success. Visitors to our booth eagerly requested more information about our ultrasounds, X-Ray and dental portfolio, demonstrating a clear demand for advanced solutions in the veterinary field. This interest reinforces our commitment to delivering the best products and services to our valued customers.


Difference Between our Premium & Economy Vet X-ray Tables..

If you’re in the market for a veterinary x-ray table solution we understand you may have more than a few questions? In this article we will address some initial queries and hope to point you in the right direction.

Often our customers come to us with an idea of what they would like, it is our speciality to provide them with a few solutions that ticks most if not all their deciding factors.

Below are two customer types with vastly different needs, here we provide insight into which options we believe will best suit these customers.

Our first customer type is the veterinary practice that has room for a dedicated x-ray vet table and would like a premium option that will last for more than 10-15 years without a single issue. This practice would typically perform more than 2 x-ray studies per day and needs a veterinary x-ray system to perform day in and day out.

If there is sufficient room in the customers planned budget, we would typically recommend our American/Canadian built AV Choice Veterinary Table. This is a 4 way floating table top, with 40kw Generator & built in Toshiba x-ray tube.

Torenbeek Vet Clinic | Rockhampton, QLD

Our second customer preference utilises available space to convert an existing consult room into a multi-use x-ray room.

The ATX Multi-purpose X-ray System includes a mobile X-ray table, mobile portable generator stand & portable X-ray generator. This system is used across many smaller or remote practices that need the added benefit of portable x-ray equipment.

As always, we supply our market leading ATX Ultra-140V DR Panel with both system as an entire solution for digital x-ray imaging. You may find more about this product via clicking the image below.

Introducing the industry standard – large animal CT Table in the market, Equus CT. Manufactured in Australia & Distributed by ATX Veterinary Worldwide.

Equus CT is a system for CT scanning of horses (camels, llamas, large cats) at veterinary teaching universities and private clinics.

The Equus CT automatically synchronises with the movement of the CT couch without any electrical or mechanical interfacing.

The EquusCT operates with any CT, is easy to use, and provides the practitioner with a breakthrough tool that enhances the diagnosis of a patient’s condition.

The table moves manually and is capable of supporting a 2,100 lb (953 kg) horse. The floating carousel provides the ability to finely position the patient with the CT gantry for scanning. The carousel floats in a transverse, linear and circular motion. The carriage has a linear motion range of 36” (915 cm) for scanning.

Equus CT can be found at the following locations:

  • University of Florida, USA
  • University of Georgia, USA
  • Oregon State University, USA
  • Kansas State University, USA 
  • North Carolina State University,USA      
  • Universtat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain     
  • Louisiana State University,USA            
  • Warsaw University, Poland
  • Auburn University,USA                        
  • The Ohio State University, USA
  • University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
  • Texas A&M University,USA
  • University of Tennessee, USA
  • University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
  • Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, Australia
  • Murdoch University, Perth, Australia
  • Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen, Thailand
  • Adelaide University, Adelaide, Australia

Enquire here today.

It’s that time of year again! Take advantage of our once-off special for the EOFY 2020.

If you’ve been considering upgrading from your CR X-ray system (Agfa, Konica, etc) then NOW is the time to take advantage and score an awesome deal!

For a limited time only, ATX is offering with every capital equipment purchase over $25,000.00:

This full solution will ensure your practice is ready to take the best x-ray images possible. Your staff will be kept safe using brand new X-ray lead protection from head to toe.

The ATX Ultra-140V DR Panel package is the best solution to improve your X-ray imaging. The ATX Ultra-140V brochure summarises whats included in the ATX Ultra-140V DR panel package and how it will improve efficiency, workflow and image quality.

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The Universal AVChoice systems deliver comprehensive veterinary imaging solutions effectively designed for efficiency while maintaining affordability. The sturdy welded construction of the table can support patients up to 400 lbs. and feature smooth surfaces with urine trap perimeters.

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The Lovet Fixed & Portable X-ray room is perfect for integrating your existing or new portable x-ray generator. This tables allows use of a portable X-ray generator as the main x-ray source – providing you with more flexibility to use your portable generator in practice or on the field.

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The Equine X-ray station is the perfect solution for performing in field x-rays. This kit also includes a stand-off kit for safe and easy 14x17inch DR or CR  positioning.

 View product here

The veterinary dental EXL® PSP Scanner packs tremendous imaging power into a small package. Tiny enough to fit into the most crowded work stations, yet robust enough to be placed in a central location for use by the entire clinic, the EXL® PSP Scanner is the ideal product for any size practice.
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Terms & Conditions:
1. Standard terms & conditions apply
2. Promotion only valid from the 09/06/20 to the 09/07/20
3. Colours & sizes of lead gowns to be confirmed upon order & availability. 

Comparison of DR Systems in the market 2020.

Over the past 9 months, ATX has carefully been researching the Digital Radiography Market to measure, compare and distinguish the pros and cons of 3 Digital Radiography panels within their respective budget.

The three compared DR Panels span across, low, medium & high price ranges. For privacy purposes, Brand Name 1 & Brand Name 2 panels have been left intentionally blank.

Prompted by hearing consumer opinions within the market, ATX would like to clarify that the quality of a DR Panel does not always relate directly to price or the brand the DR Panel is manufactured by… Unfortunately, many consumers have been caught out by the bigger players offering cheap goods with a brand name slapped on it.

Here at ATX we’ve heard of this happening a lot over the past 12 months which actually prompted us to perform this invaluable market research. If you’ve been quoted anything less than $24,000 for a DR Panel + Acquisition computer, then it might be worth your time to get into the nitty gritty and look at the specifications.

Lucky for you, we’ve done this and summarised which specifications you should have on your radar.

FYI – Both unnamed panels are world recognised corporations within the X-ray imaging field…

Research undertaken by ATX Development team. 05/2020

When you are considering the investment associated with DR Digital X-Ray solutions, it is very important that you perform your homework before making a decision.

Questions to ask yourself would be;

  • Does the vendor actually manufacture anything or just picks and chooses a solution from multiple manufacturers..?
  • How long have they been in business…?
  • What is their level of expertise in the Veterinary imaging space…?
  • Do they support local x-ray dealers and not sell direct?
  • Can they support my investment for years to come? You want peace of mind.
  • What are their service options and can they offer a fast level of service when you need it the most, for example; in an emergency when the case is under anaesthesia and you need assistance NOW.. Can you call them and speak to a registered x-ray service engineer on the spot?

Having taken into account all of the relevant technical and software specifications the final check box is the level of service and aftercare support your vendor is willing to provide, not to mention the cost of doing so….

We want you to receive the best bang for your buck, thats why we’ve done our research so that it can be easier for you to be the empowered consumer.

You may find the compared ATX Ultra-140V DR Panel here or click the advert below.

DR Panel Buying Guide

If you’re looking to upgrade to Digital Radiography (DR), you’ve probably wondered what are the key considerations when purchasing a DR Panel?

You may have drawn some conclusions for yourself based on price, country of manufacturer, brand names or even word from your colleagues. Lets set some things straight and provide you a clear image on what you should be looking for.

Considerations when purchasing a Digital Radiography (DR) system.

There are a few important features and functions to consider when purchasing a DR – as no panel are equal in their performance…

Most buyers will consider price and country of manufacture when deciding on a DR panel (or talk to their colleagues). Although price is important and the manufacturer is also important they are not the only considerations, these include:

1- Is the Panel scintillator CsI or Gadox? – CsI is more efficient at converting the x-ray to light – which is then converted to the digital image. However there is little perceptible difference. There are opinions on the life time of the scintillator – that differ.

2- The level of Grayscale – Each tiny electronic component converts the light from the scintillator to a binary word (ones and zero) and a 16 bit word or conversion will produce a vast 65,536 shade of grey. The more greys the greater the ability to differentiate tissue densities and there better diagnosis.

3- Resolution – How tightly packed is the panel with the tiny light receptor electronics – this determines the smallest object that can be viewed in an image. It is usually measured in Micron or one millionth of a millimetre – so the lower the number the better the resolution. For most medical and veterinary radiology application 140 microns is acceptable. Resolution is also presented as Line Pairs per millimetre which is a more subjective measure of resolution.

4- Leakage current – This is big factor in the performance of the panel as it will degrade the ability of the panel to produce a true representation of the anatomy. Some manufacturers are known for higher leakage current and these are often but not always sold at a cheaper price.

5- Automatic Exposure Detection or AED – Is the panels ability to detect the initial radiation from an exposure in order to signal to the panel get ready (apply voltage to electronic components) to accept the image. Some panel manufacturers have not quite perfected this and therefore results in longer and unpredictable acquisition times (how long it takes for the image to appear on the computer screen.)

6- Mechanical strength – Has panel been drop tested – if so from what height?

7- IPX Rating – What is the panel rated to? Is it water & dust proof?

8- Battery life (typically for wireless panels) – This is dependant on the number and quality of the batteries – but also the amount of power consumed by the panel in idle state. Does this panel have a battery that needs to be replaced every so often? This varies from panel manufacturer.

9- Components for a DR panel are often sourced from different countries, therefore the panel may have a formal Certificate of Origin – however no particular pedigree in terms the location of manufacture.

Here at ATX we have developed our ULTRA-140V DR panel package to acquire the best possible quality image at an affordable price. We pair our DR Panel with an All-in-one touch screen computer, DROC acquisition software, free training, remote installation, 2 years warranty, 2 yearly preventive services and 2 years unlimited remote support. We also offer ongoing assurance packages to ensure you’re covered for the lifetime of your purchase.

You may contact us on: | 1800 330 118 |

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