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ATX and SK Telecom Partner for AI-Powered Veterinary Services in Australia

ATX Partners with SKT
Image Credit: SK Telecom

In a pioneering move, ATX has partnered with SK Telecom (SKT), and AI company that brings benefits to customers through technology and service innovation. This collaboration is set to transform the veterinary care sector in Australia through the introduction of X Caliber, an innovative AI-powered Veterinary Service.


ATX holds a significant presence in the Australian veterinary scene, with access to about 25% of the market. This considerable market presence places ATX as a key leader, strategically positioned to drive the introduce innovative solutions like X Caliber across a big portion of the veterinary community. Roger Davis, Director of ATX


ATX specialises not only in the distribution of high-quality radiographic imaging solutions, equipment, consumables and technical support, but also operates its own cloud software tailored for veterinary services.


Why X Caliber?

The radiographic imaging market in Australia has been witnessing continuous advancements in technology. Digital radiography (DR) and computed radiography (CR) systems have gained prominence, offering improved image quality, faster processing, and enhanced diagnostic capabilities.

The demand for diagnostic imaging services, including radiography, has been on the rise in Australia and the ‘X Caliber’ stands between cutting-edge technology and healthcare, offering a revolutionary approach to diagnosis through artificial intelligence. X Caliber is highly utilised for measuring the heart size. It garnered positive response from veterinarians by offering highly accurate measurements within a short period of time.


X Caliber expanded its coverage to cats. By analyzing X-ray images of cats, it offers diagnosis for five chest conditions and seven abdominal conditions within 15 seconds. For dogs, the service currently covers seven musculoskeletal conditions, ten chest conditions and 16 abdominal conditions. It also automatically measures the heart size for both dogs and cats. Ha Min-yong, Chief Development Officer of SKT


With the introduction of this collaboration between ATX and SK Telecom, we aim to respond to the changing needs within Australian veterinary practices.

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