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Image Integrity in Veterinary Practice: Insights from Vet Expo 2023


Roger Davis, Director of ATX Medical solutions speech at VET Expo 2023


Our director, Roger Davis, led a discussion on “The Advances and Importance of Image Integrity” at the 2023 Vet Expo. In a tech-driven world, Roger emphasized the significance of quality and assurance in veterinary diagnostics.


The Key Role of Image Integrity

During his speech, Roger emphasized that image integrity is paramount for several essential reasons, including accurate diagnosis, patient safety, legal and ethical implications, continuity of care, quality assurance, and credibility, among others. Maintaining the integrity of diagnostic images is of utmost importance because these images serve as a foundation for clinical decision-making. Accuracy is vital for reaching the right diagnosis, which in turn impacts patient safety and the efficacy of treatment plans.

Furthermore, Roger highlighted the critical legal and ethical implications tied to image integrity. He underscored that falsified or manipulated images could result in misdiagnoses, potentially causing harm to patients. This emphasizes the paramount importance of healthcare providers upholding the highest standards of image integrity to meet their legal and ethical obligations.


Challenges in Image Integrity

In today’s digital age, we are undergoing a revolution in the way we capture and process images. Roger addressed the question of what this digitization revolution means for imaging and why it is a topic that deserves careful consideration.

“Analog was an honest technology – what you see and hear is a true representation of reality.” In contrast, the digital realm offers unprecedented possibilities for image manipulation. While these capabilities can be harnessed for positive purposes, they also introduce a challenge to image integrity.

Digital images can be altered, enhancing or diminishing certain features, or even entirely fabricating visual data. This poses a significant threat to the reliability of diagnostic images, potentially leading to misdiagnosis and endangering patient safety.


A Call for Vigilance and Best Practices

In conclusion, Roger Davis encouraged the audience to be vigilant in upholding image integrity in the age of digital transformation. He stressed the importance of implementing best practices to ensure the authenticity, accuracy, and reliability of diagnostic images.

The discussion at Vet Expo 2023 underscored the crucial role that image integrity plays in veterinary practice and the broader field of healthcare. As technology continues to evolve, it is imperative that practitioners and institutions remain committed to upholding the highest standards of image integrity to provide accurate diagnoses and maintain patient safety and trust.


ATX Medical Solutions: Your Partner for Safe and Quality Tech

At ATX Medical Solutions, we’re all about delivering technology you can trust. We’re committed to your safety and providing top-notch quality. We’re here to make your job easier and your patients’ lives better. Our presence at Vet Expo 2023 shows that we’re with you every step of the way, creating tech you can rely on.


*Roger Davis: Director at Prolotus Australia, Prolotus Technologies & ATX Medical Solutions, ATX Imaging

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